Rubber House is an award-winning animation studio based in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. At the helm are directing-duo Greg Sharp and Ivan Dixon, who’ve made a name for themselves as purveyors of cartoony vulgarity and psychedelic fun.

Clients include Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Adult Swim, VICE, JASH, Gotye, Childine and more.

Their work has featured in numerous festivals including Annecy, Pictoplasma Berlin/New York, New York International Children’s Film Festival, LoopDeLoop and Graphic Festival at the Sydney Opera House.




Greg Sharp

Greg Sharp is a director, animator, writer and artist. With a background in fine arts, and has a wealth of experience in feature film FX, television animation and design, first working at Weta Digital in NZ before moving into hand-drawn animation and settling in Australia.


Ivan Dixon

Ivan Dixon is a director, animator and writer whose creative origins lie in indie gaming and cartooning. He’s a committee member of the monthly animation challenge Loop-De-Loop and loves ping-pong and pixel art.