BLITZMENSCH – Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

Instagram Блеск watch Blitzmensch is a Nazi-fied superhero used as a propaganda tool by the bad guys in the latest Wolfenstein game. We were tapped to design and animate an intro for the ficticious 1960’s style TV show, complete with a spunky kid side-kick,  a trusty dog companion, ridiculous American villians and a neat live action scene at the end. Facebook Блеск TRUDY-STILL_00 TRUDY-STILL_02 TRUDY-STILL_03 TRUDY-STILL_04 TRUDY-STILL_05 TRUDY-STILL_06 TRUDY-STILL_07 TRUDY-STILL_09 TRUDY-STILL_10 TRUDY-STILL_11 TRUDY-STILL_12 TRUDY-STILL_13 TRUDY-STILL_14 TRUDY-STILL_15 TRUDY-STILL_16 TRUDY-STILL_17 TRUDY-STILL_18


Instagram Детейлинг link Directed by Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp

Facebook Автостудия Глянец Animation by Andrew Onorato, Jarrod Prince, Greg Sharp, Ivan Dixon
Backgrounds Lluis Sanchez
Music by Co-Pilot Facebook Детейлинг Agency: AKQA
Client: Machine Games