Enid | Lakewood Plaza Turbo

Minisode for Ian Jones-Quartey’s Cartoon Network show.


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Created and Storyboarded by
Ian Jones-Quartey

Supervising Director
Toby Jones

Jackie Buscarino
Janet Dimon

Animation Produced by
Rubber House

Animation Supervisor/ Supervising Animator
Greg Sharp

Leanne Lee
Jarrod Prince
Greg Sharp

Greg Sharp

Production Co-ordinator
Nina Knezevic

Animatic Editor
Lauren Hecht

Character Designers
Lamar Abrams
Danny Hynes

Background Designer
Tim Beckhardt

Background Painters
Martin Ansolabehere
Robert Iza

Color Key
Ron Russell

Jake Kaufman

Recording Studio Manager
Susy Campos

Recording Engineer
Robert Serda

Picture Editor
Mattaniah Adams

Post Production Audio Services Provided By:
Sabre Media Studios

Sound Effects Editor:
Alex Borquez

Re-Recording Mixers:
Tony Orozco

Executive in Charge of Development
Katie Krentz

Executive Producers:
Curtis Lelash
Jennifer Pelphrey