Lasso & Comet

Our pilot for Cartoon Network is finally online. Here’s the synopsis:

“Lasso is an energetic, rebellious 13 year old boy who wields a magical rope that can be used to catch ANYTHING. Comet is a blue ball of rock & ice from outer-space who can fly faster than a jet. Together they protect their tropical island home from mysterious gigantic monsters roaming the sea.”
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Written & Directed by Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp

Animation: Leanne Lee, Andrew Onorato, Aaron McDonald, Greg Sharp, Ivan Dixon
Colour Assistants: Mia Freeman, Blaise Adamson
Backgrounds: Lluis Sanchez
Background Art Direction: Greg Sharp
Character Designer: Ivan Dixon
Animation Production Manager: Nina Knezevic

Music: Quan Yeomans
Sound design: by Skillbard
Dialogue Editor: Eric Freeman
Lasso .......Rio Mangini
Comet.......Danielle Brooks
Claude......Rich Horvitz
Anglord.....Cedric Williams
Additional voices by Dannielle Brooks, Rich Horvitz, Rio Mangini, Cedric Williams

Supervising Producer: Mike Roth
Producer: Nate Funaro
Production Co-ordinator: Riley Riggen
Production Assistant: Ashleigh-Lauren Perez
Casting Director: Linda Lamontagne
Voice Director: Kristi Reed
Recording Studio Director: Susy Campos
Recording Engineer: Simon Sampath-Kumar
Studio Teacher: Ruch Auerbach
Director Production Technology: Antonio Gonella
Production Estimator: Cecilia Rheins
Production Administration: Linda Barry

For Turner International Asia Pacific
Executive Producers: Yoshiya Ayugai, Silas Hickey, Mark Eyers

Co-Executive Producer: Katie Krentz
Executive Producers: Rob Sorcher, Brian A. Miller, Jennifer Pelphrey, Curtis Lelash

"Lasso & Comet" created by Ivan Dixon
Developed by Greg Sharp and Ivan Dixon

For Cartoon Network. 2016.